We are so excited to have a small piece of the world wide web and that you have landed here to connect with us!

Roots with Purpose is a brand new concept formulated in 2021 to be able to help make an impact in our community with those who are unhoused.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to help those in need and at the very least follow our journey.

We are currently working hard to get our non-profit established legally so that we are able to start the fundraising efforts that it will take to bring this all together.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Roots with Purpose is to create a compassionate community-centered space that provides short-term housing and other necessary resources to support our unhoused neighbors as they design and follow a plan of action to secure sustainable living conditions, self-sufficiency and a fruitful life of meaning and purpose.


It's officially official! Roots with Purpose is now a certified Non-Profit! We are excited to be able to use this status to make a bigger difference in our communities here in North Carolina!

When you make a donation to Roots with Purpose, it can now be used as a tax-deduction when you file your taxes!